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You must finish your own divorce paperwork

Over the years I have had numerous people contact me about completing their dissolution papers for them. Many were unaware that they had to finish the papers themselves and file them with the court. It can be quite a surprise to think that you are divorced when you're not. If you or your spouse started your own divorce case, keep in mind that you must finalize it yourself. The self help website for the CA Superior Court Website states that "there a 4 major parts of the process." The final step is that you must "submit final paperwork to the court and your divorce will become final." In conclusion, the court does not automatically grant your divorce 30 days after the case is open. Consider your options to get this done. You must seek the help of an attorney if you need legal advice. If you do not need legal advice, you can utilize the self help centers and do it yourself or use a Legal Document Assistant LDA) to prepare and file the work for you.

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Aug 06, 2022

That is good to know!

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