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Paralegal, Julie La Blanc, Livermore

Cornerstone Legal Document Services can assist clients through the divorce paperwork process at affordable rates.  Although it can be difficult, the more people can work cooperatively with their spouse, the better the financial and emotional outcome.  The legal system can be scary and confusing and the divorce process typically causes emotional anxiety and financial uncertainty.  The goal of Cornerstone is to limit conflict, reduce cost, and help clients by preparing and filing the necessary legal documents at your direction. If you need legal advice you must use an attorney.

We also specialize in Grant Deeds, Revocable Living Trusts, Wills, Power of Attorney forms, and other family law filing matters.


Julie La Blanc, the owner of Cornerstone Legal Document Services has a rich and diverse background.  She was born in San Jose, California, attended public schools in the South Bay, and earned a B.A. from the University of California at Santa Barbara.  After college, she returned to the Bay Area and was hired by the City of San Jose as a fire fighter.  Ms. La Blanc retired as a twenty-five year veteran for the San Jose Fire Department.


Cornerstone Legal Document Services developed from her own personal experience in the legal system.  She endured a long, contentious divorce, spent thousands of dollars on three different attorneys and finally resorted to preparing her own legal documents for the dissolution of marriage and custody modification.  The pain and frustration she personally experienced evolved into the positive realization that there is an opportunity to provide a calmer and cost effective alternative for preparing divorce and custody documents. She enrolled in the paralegal program at the University of the Pacific, earning her paralegal certificate required to be registered as a Legal Document Assistant (LDA).  She is also a licensed and bonded notary public. Before starting her own business, she interned at a legal document service company in Alameda County.

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